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A unique internal healing system, Calligraphy Health was founded by Master Zhen Hua Yang, an internationally recognized energy and martial arts expert. Backed by his family lineage of over 400 years, Master Yang’s knowledge is steeped in ancient energy systems and techniques, his teachers’ influence and diverse personal experiences. Together, these modalities forge a powerful tool for the transformation of mind, body and spirit.


Calligraphy Health integrates Qigong, Tai Chi, Yang Mian (a private martial arts system of Master Yang’s family) and a selection of yoga asanas to create a unique healing modality. Together, they work from the inside out, teaching you how to use breath, mind and 4D movement (energy being the fourth dimension) to connect with your cellular body, especially your blood cells and the life-giving energy of Qi.

Both Eastern and Western medicine believe that circulation is the basis of human health. Calligraphy Health has been designed to bridge these two worlds, combining human physiology with powerful energy practices. It works to increase the oxygen in your blood cells and the blood circulation of your body. As a holistic system, Calligraphy Health has been built on the principles of Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, embodying all of their values.

Qigong, Yoga, Veteran Health Logan Queensland

The word yoga is actually originally yug, which translates to mean union. The word union reflects the fact that there is no separation to yourself or the universe. This is a very deep understanding of the word yug and is an eastern & philosophical way of explanation.


According to the ancient scriptures of Patanjali, which forms the foundations of the 8 limbs of yoga, there is a progressing continuum of virtue and skillsets that a practitioner must acquire. The whole topic is out of the scope of this brief introduction but the two limbs that most people would be aware of are the movement (Asana) and the breath work (Pranayama) limbs. The yoga that one sees advertised at the local yoga studio is usually only 1 out of 8 stages of what the real fruits of a yoga practice can deliver. The Pranayama is another limb of the total 8 Limbs and is becoming more frequently practiced by people but often picked in solemn to practice.


Not that there is not anything wrong with utilising a small portion of the spectrum of yoga to gain health benefits; on the contrary, it should be encouraged. However, most people don't realize that there are another 6 limbs (stages) of spiritual evolution that accompanies a dedicated and daily spiritual practice. To experience the true fruits of yoga one must be dedicated and committed to practice all limbs diligently and initially from an experienced teacher.


To explain yoga in western & scientific terms it is about the balance of both sides of the autonomic nervous system, the para-sympathetic (rest & digest) and the sympathetic (fight/flight).  Without this balance we are either too stimulated/stressed or very relaxed that nothing else matters! This is the duality of life.


For anyone that wishes to gain health benefits or to simply calm or lower stress levels, the combination of movement and breathing is very healing for the mind and body. Enriching the body and brain with oxygen and increasing blood flow is going to improve health.  Using the respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal systems to improve digestion and the elimination of wastes/toxins from the body. This is the way of yoga to first purify the body of disease and ailments.

Qigong, Yoga, Veteran Health Logan Queensland

The word qigong is pronounced ‘chi gung’ which roughly translated means cultivation of energy. Developing in the temples of China by using a flowing movement and breathing patterns to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. There is much debate of how long this ancient practice has existed but it is said to be over 5000 years old. Qigong has strong Taoist roots and comes from the same underlying principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the yin & yang, 12 main meridian lines of the body and the 5 elements.


Qigong philosophy talks of heaven, man, earth, a marriage of all of these combined to form total harmony/ bliss and connection to nature. No illness or sickness.


Qigong is similar to tai chi but is usually shorter movements (movements can be longer), simpler and can be broken down for medicinal or health reasons to suit the practitioner, of whom can do without some of the complexities.


Qigong is the perfect fit for those with physical and mental injuries. The movements are soft, gentle and nurturing, which makes it more accessible to an overworked body and nervous system. It is not as physically demanding as most forms of yoga are.

Qigong, Yoga, Veteran Health Logan Queensland
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