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Jordan McCallum

Military History

Jordan served 19 years within the Australian Army, starting as an infantryman and first deploying to East Timor in 2003 with the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. Shortly after returning he passed the Special Forces (SF) barrier test for 2nd Commando Regiment (originally 4RAR) getting his first taste of SF.


Jordan spent six years at the 2nd Commando Regt (2 Cdo) and deployed twice to Afghanistan within Special Operations Task Group (SOTG). Both of these trips were life changing for Jordan in many ways and only grew his appetite for Special Operations.


He also served two rotations of TAG-East on Domestic Counter Terrorism Duties (DCT). During this time, he conducted numerous Personal Security Detachments (PSD) to the Middle East providing protection for the Minister for Defence, CJOPS, and CDF. This experience gained was pivotal, and his time spent at 2Cdo was cherished, and it was extremely hard to leave the unit behind in 2009.  


In 2009, Jordan attempted and passed the elite Special Air Service Regiments (SASR) Selection Course and was chosen to begin training. Over the following 18 months he qualified to become a member of the elite SASR, earning his Sandy Beret. He spent 6 years within the unit, deploying another two times to Afghanistan and another rotation within DCT, this time within TAG-West.


Jordan’s time serving within the SASR was unfortunately, cut short due to burnout and physical injuries. It was at this point that was the hardest decision to date to leave the SASR after so much blood, sweat and tears.


Jordan spent two years posted to the 16th Royal Western Australian Regiment (RWAR) on a low tempo posting, teaching Army Reserves basic soldering skills and running short courses for their development.


His final three years within Defence was with the 1st Intelligence Battalion involved within some specialist roles.  This is where he discharged in 2020.

Yoga and Qigong History

Jordan was introduced to yoga by a fellow commando whilst on TAG-East in 2007. Initially only going to yoga due to his back  and neck being so stiff it was affecting his sleep/recovery and performance at the range. This was due to long periods of wearing Body Armour and all the heavy laden activities that accompany a career in SF.


The first yoga class was the original Bikram Yoga. A 90 minute sequence in 37 degree heat. The physical benefits were noticed immediately, and with regular practice, he could avoid stiffness/soreness and his sleep dramatically improved. While still serving at 2 Cdo and the SASR, he began to add in hot yoga sessions whenever the rigorous training regime allowed. Jordan believes the only reason he hasn't had spinal surgery like most of his colleagues is due to regular yoga practice throughout his career.


By the end of his 4th deployment to Afghanistan, he noticed a difference in himself as his deteriorating mental health symptoms increased. On paper, this should have been a time to enjoy the benefits of 15 years of dedicated service to his country, and rising to the top of the Military. However, he felt the worst he had ever felt. Mentally he was hollow, socially withdrawn, extremely negative, angry and depressed.


He knew he had to do something about it, and quick, if he was to remain in the SASR and the Army. After some planning he took four months Long Service Leave to the heartland of Yoga, India. This was where he learnt the ancient tradition of Yoga; Ashtanga Yoga in particular. For anyone that isn’t familiar with ashtanga yoga, it is like the Special Forces of the Yoga world. A disciplined practice not for the faint-hearted, exactly what he was searching for at the time.


This practice totally transformed his body after 3 years of daily practice. It took him from a tense stiff soldier, to a strong and flexible Yogi. Jordan completed teacher training and was instructing Yoga at local studios in Perth.


After 3 years of maintaining this practice, his soldierly body caught up with him and he couldn’t practice this intense style anymore. This was when his mental health symptoms returned. Jordan nearly gave up at this stage, and it was only a chance introduction from an old Army buddy to a Qigong Master, Master Zhen Hua Yang that altered his course. Jordan spent the next 6 years learning a new style of movement, Qigong and Neigong.

A softer, gentler and more accessible system for his worn, soldierly body. He completed over thirty ten-day intensive courses, involving eight to ten hours of qigong each day. In between these courses he maintained his daily practice, enabling him to get to a high level of management and self-regulation.


Jordan feels his biggest achievement to date is his return from the brink of his mental health symptoms.


Jordan now runs Qigong, Yoga and Meditation immersions and workshops for veterans, emergency services and corporations; delivering these methods and techniques from all of his teachers into a fun, accessible, digestible and affordable format. He believes that you shouldn't have to let mental health and physical injuries dictate the rest of your life. You deserve to be happy and content with your life.

Military History
Yoga and Qigong History
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