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Joining Instruction

Please read the following information thoroughly,

then complete and submit the form at the bottom of the page.


5-Day Veteran and Emergency Services Immersion



Welcome to the 5-Day Qigong Immersion and congratulations on securing attendance.



To provide relief, support and management skills to enable the participant to self regulate and learn valuable coping mechanisms.


Course aim


To assist in the recovery of physical and non-physical injuries by reducing symptoms. Developing and teaching movements/techniques to build a self-practice.


Principle staff


Jordan McCallum – Facilitator

Alex McDonald - Instructor and administrator

Sandy – Chef

Daily training program


Training will occur from 6:30/8:00am – 4:30pm for the five days. Please refer to annex a. for the typical daily timetable


Program pre-requisites


Must be a veteran, current serving member of the ADF or any emergency services providers. On occasions spouses of the above can join but is on a case-by-case basis and needs to be approved beforehand.


Code of Conduct


Please refer to annex b.

Participant’s obligations


Respect for yourself, respect for others and keeping an open mind to the teachings. Giving your best commitment during the 5 days.


Unacceptable behavior


Please refer to annex e.


Use of Alcohol


Alcohol is not to be consumed or stored during the program.


Use of Drugs


The use of drugs whilst on the Immersion will not be tolerated and could result in instant removal from the program.




Only prescriptions from your treating health professional will be permitted. Dosages are in line with your Doctor’s guidance.


Complaints process


All complaints or problems observed during the program please approach one of the administrative staff. There will be an opportunity to reflect improvements on the last day on the program evaluation.


Physical training


The training is in a physical nature each day, sometimes for an extended period of time. Please make sure you are used to standing for long periods of time with your knees slightly bent.


a. Medical Injuries – Please make your injuries and restrictions known to the staff.


Medical Treatment


There will be a first aider and mental health first aider on premises. If you require further assistance contact Open Arms on 1800 011 046.


It is recommended that you book in with your treating health professional at least twice during the program. Day two and day four after 4pm. It is common to have certain emotions brought up during immersion like this. This is to be arranged by you. Ask if your provider uses tele-health or by phone.



If you have any documentation from your treating health team or relevant information please inform the staff. Enrolment forms should be completed and filled in 14 days prior to the program commencing.




As the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, please inform the staff if you have travelled overseas or interstate within the last 14 days. Government quarantine measures will be enforced at participant’s expenses per QLD Government laws.


a. Transport – Please inform the staff of your movement plans eg. air, road or train.

b. Private vehicles – There is very limited space around the facility for vehicles. Please let the staff know this so adequate planning can take place.

c. Airport transfers – Please refer to the public transport arrangements. The closest Train Station is Loganlea. Major Bus Route is Eight Mile Plains.




All food is provided during the program. If you have any dietary requirements please inform the staff. If you feel the need to have additional snacks, there is a Coles Supermarket 5 minutes down the road. As we are conducting the Immersion at a Buddhist Centre, the kitchen is strictly vegetarian only. If you feel the need to intake meat, there are opportunities after training has ended to go to the local shops. There will be a cook provided for the duration of the program. There may be a requirement to assist preparation from time to time.




All accommodation is provided. All $50 per night rooms are shared rooms. If you prefer a single room it is $70 per night. Please let the staff know upon booking.


a. Showers – Please keep showers to a reasonable duration.

b. Snakes – Have been seen around the property so take care when walking outside and wear closed footwear.




We recommend minimal local travel during the program. However, after the days training has concluded you are welcome to travel to shops etc. If you have family in the area then let the staff know your plans and timings etc.



Ideally we want to minimize visitors to the Centre. Any visitors need to be cleared by staff. There may be other practitioners at the Centre. Please remain respectful. There may be individuals practicing Noble Silence.


Dress and Equipment


It is advised to bring your own yoga mat, however there are a number of mats available. Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.






Loose and comfortable PT gear is needed:


a. Winter – Bring long sleeved shirt and pants

b. Summer - Bring a thin long sleeved shirt and thin pants (Mosquitos)


Sanitary and Bedding Items


a. Bring your own toiletries.

b. Please note we do not supply bedding, therefore you are required to bring a sleeping bag and extra blanket if needed. Comfortable warm modest clothing, walking shoes, - Slippers, Torch, Toiletries, Towel, Tissues

c. There are 2 single beds per room in which we provide bottom sheets, pillows and pillow cases.





Reading material


There is no formal requirement to read any books, however we do have some reading recommendations:


a. Qigong Empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang & Wen-Ching Wu

b. The Web that has no Weaver by Ted J. Kaptchuk, OMD

c. Nei Gong by Damon Mitchell

Joining Instruction Acknowledgement


On receipt of this Instruction can you please acknowledge and submit the following form at least 14 days before the commencement of the Program.


Payment Details


A deposit of $350 is required. This is non-refundable but may be credited to future training offerings. Remaining $500 to be paid prior to commencement of start date.




We are excited to have your participation on the program. We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your road to recovery. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Jordan McCallum

Facilitator & Owner

Email -

Phone - 0428 286 217 




a. Typical daily program

b. Code of Conduct

c. Acknowledgement and personal particulars form

d. Area Map e. Unacceptable behavior



Annex a.

Daily training program

Annex b. Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct


The following guidelines are the principles setup to maintain a fair, equitable and welcoming environment to all persons that are attending. The basis of these guidelines builds the foundation to create a safe, comfortable environment to promote the growth, support and healing that takes place for veterans and emergency services.


These principles are;


1. Respect

a. For Self

b. For Others

c. For the System (teacher and lineage)


2. Integrity

a. Having that relationship to yourself of honesty

b. Being open and honest with others


3. Fairness

a. Treat other how you would like to be treated


4. Equality

a. Everyone has the right to be equal


5. Commitment

a. To yourself to manage your own recovery

b. To the practice and discipline it will take to grow and heal


6. Openness and Willingness for New Perspectives

a. Their will new concepts and perspectives shared, work with them and ask with a pure intent to learn something new.


7. Compassion

a. With yourself

b. For others

8. Search for Truth

a. Always


9. Intention

a. Intend to grow, recover and to promote health.


10. Balance

a. Restrain from extremes and polarity.

11. Loyalty

a. Loyalty to people close to you and your veteran family


Annex d.

Map of local Area

Annex e.

Unacceptable Behavior


Unacceptable Behavior


Generally, unacceptable behavior is actions taken by individuals or groups that have the potential to create risk to others or to the business and in a health and safety aspect. The Code of Conduct to be abided to. However it is important to note behavior that will not be tolerated at any stage.


Any of the following behaviors that are observed can be (and some are) grounds for instant dismissal;


  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour, such as shouting or personal insults

  • Spreading malicious rumours or gossip, or insulting someone

  • Discrimination or harassment when related to a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010

  • Unwanted physical contact

  • Stalking

  • Offensive comments/jokes or body language

  • Publishing, circulating or displaying pornographic, racist, sexually suggestive or otherwise offensive material or pictures

  • Isolation, deliberate exclusion and/or non co-operation at work

  • Persistent and unreasonable criticism

  • Unreasonable demands and impossible targets

  • Coercion, such as pressure to subscribe to a particular political or religious belief.

Please complete and submit the form below, at least 14 days before the commencement of the program.

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